More people are becoming aware of the natural benefits of unrefined Shea butter and with this increased interest the demand for the product grows. During the development stages of the Emi & Ben we came to understand the hard work of those involved in the making of unrefined Shea butter. From the start we made a promise to purchase our unrefined Shea butter directly from local women in West Africa. Not only for the reason that the product is sustainable because it is hand harvested and hand produced, but also because it allows the local people of Africa to be in control of their resources.....

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'Smells divine'

Listen!!!! The Mama’s Bump shea body butter was a pregnancy staple for me. My stretch marks were too afraid to reveal themselves! The other products available for all the family; they smell divine!

'Melts into skin'

I love the consistency of the product, soft and fluffy not too thick, [or] too oily, just how I like shea butter. On application it melted into my skin! Love, love, love it!

'So nourishing'

I’ve been using your body butter religiously since I bought mine. So nourishing for my dry skin!
Emi & Ben Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin care company producing body butters handmade with 100% unrefined shea butter. Empowering local women in Nigeria.


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