Earlier this month I was invited to attend and participate as a mentor for an event in partnership with St Paul's Cathedral for International Women's Day.  

The mentoring event was hosted by Girls Talk London, an organisation founded by Vanessa Sanyauke which connects young women with senior and leading women in competitive and male dominated industries through informal Q & A sessions to discuss their career journey and offer tips and advice.

It was such a fantastic and inspiring evening. To engage with 50 young girls aged 16-25 and observe them take action to find out the information they required to help move forward with their career choices, was truly a wonderful thing to see. Some were initially shy, unsure whether to ask their question (but soon opened up), whilst others were so eager to get their question(s) answered that they literally couldn't keep still.

I was honoured to be included as one of those women to help provide advice based on my own personal and profession life lessons to the group of young ladies. A huge thank you to Vanessa for inviting me. The work you're doing with these young people is remarkable... you truly have reignited my passion to work with young people... watch this space.

Before I sign off I'd like to give one of my mentees from the evening Gabrielle a shout out. You were a joy to talk to. I sincerely look forward to see you move forward with your business idea.

To watch the event's keynote speaker (Hemione Hudson, a partner at Pricewaterhouse Cooper), please click here

For more information on Girls Talk London, please click here

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  • Sep 18, 2020
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